$7.00 Turnkey Websites

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Here is a list of truely affordable turnkey website. Each turnkey website is only $7.00
Get free installation when you buy 2 or more. These are PHP websites with basic function that will allow you to add more articles.

If you can afford it, go with WordPress blog.

This is a manual process. Use the PayPal button to buy up to 4 sites. I will contact you with site detail. Please contact me if you want to buy more then 4 sites.

Click the link below to see the demo site, will open a new window.





Airfare-Tickets Website  

Bad-Breath Website  

Blogging Website  

Clickbank Website  

Credit-Repair Website  

Dog-Food Secrets Website

DUI Process Manual Website  

Earth-Energy Website  

Ebay Turnkey Website  

Fat-Loss Website  

Forex Website  

Forgotten-Laws Website  

Golf-Swing Website  

Government-Records Website  

Hemorrhoids Website  

Hypnosis Website  

Jamorama Website  

Making-Up Website  

Millionaire Website  

Money-Siphon Website  

Music-Downloads Website  

Natural-Cure Website

Online-Jobs Website

Ovarian-Cysts Website

PDF Website

Piano Website

PPC-Free Website  

Recipes Website

Registry Website  

Reverse-Phone Website

Satellite TV For PC Website  

SEO Website  

Sit-Stay-Fetch Website  - Dog Training Tips

Spanish Website  

Sports-Betting Website  

Spyware Website  

Surveys Making Money Website  

Stop-Smoking Website

Sweating Website

Violin Website

Warcraft Website  

Wholesale Website  

Wii Downloads Website  

Xbox360 Website  

Yeast-Infections Website